Monday, July 30, 2012

6 years

Al-fatihah to Allahyarham Azri bin Md Akib dan Allahyarham Adam Afiq bin Azri...

10 ramadhan 1433 now, and its been 6 years

Allahummag firlahum
wa'afihim wa'fu'anhum
waakrim nuzulahum
wawasiaq madkholahum
wagsilhum bilmaai wassalji wal barad
wanaq qihi minal qhotoya
kama yunaq qosaubul ab yadhu minad danas
amiiiinnn ya rabbal 'alamin.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

facing the new life (and reminiscing the old chapter) :)

almost a month since coming back
semua ok, get back to my roots hehehe
and dah almost 2 weeks kat ipoh
adjusting much
belajar bersyukur, qanaah, jgn nak banding2 ngan warwick
at least, this is my country kan?
i'm happy enough sbb dah dekat ngan all my kesayangans
tapi one more thing yang tak tecapai lagi is to jumpa afifi akib
so sad kan? :(
semua orang dah hugs n kisses, but him. the closest but far away now T___T

takpa2, tak lama dah nak raya kan? ^_____^
insyaAllah, we'll see nanti!

got many things to put here
tapi the connection sangat sedih la
tunggu balik jitra la, laju sikit insyaAllah :)

but, i miss u UK :)
we shall meet again one day. next year, perhaps? *wink*

anyway, lets share the thoughts today! oh UK...

1. You won't be charged for withdrawing money from any bank's ATM

2. The overload of cheap fast food restaurants (which are more likely to be unhealthy). You don't have to go Pizza Hut, KFC, Kenny Roger's etc to enjoy a good fast food

3. Pure biryani made by the real biryani expert. cheap also. delicious!

4. The noise made by the drunk neighbours who were busy partying without thinking of others who were trying to rest

5. Dogs at the park (dial-up, wireless, or broadband) which always become the best excuse for me not to have regular exercise at the park. but i did try though. hahaha

6. There won't be animals e.g. cows, goats, sheeps etc randomly crossing the road and putting drivers' lives in danger

7. Coffee shops which sell nice and good coffee <-- i miss amber cafe! i drank java chips kat starbucks tadi. but still...

8. Planning for backpacking every year <-- still got places need to cover there. i want to go to Bosnia laaaaa...

9. The changing of seasons!!! It just makes me aware how fast time flies :)

10. Always being alert with the significant change of prayer times

11. Walking in the snow, stepping on the fallen yellow leaves, enjoying the beauty of colourful flowers and letting the skin burnt in the summer heat <-- super awesome u know!!!

12. Walking slowly and awkwardly on ice during winter and occasionaly hit your bottom on that cold ice hahaha sakit ok!

13. Being called 'love', 'sweetheart', 'sugar' by the nice old people, n sometimes orang muda pun paggill jugak. ehemmm..

14. Shopping cheap stuff at Sports Direct, Poundland, charity shops

15. House-hunting, house-viewing and making all sorts of demands to the landlord. 13 westminster was the best i can ask for! oh i miss my luxury room there :(

16. Putting on my overcoat, jumper before going out

17. Boxing Day <-- the feeling of jadi orang kaya once a year hahaha

18. The courtesy and the politeness of the people

19. The excellent and reliable public transport

20. Cheap books!!! And seeing how much reading has become their culture

21. The cute babies and kiddies

22. The culture of encouraging, appreciating and respecting each other

23. Cheap cards and nice presents for all occasions! How they love to show their appreciation and make others happy..

24. Their open, critical and non-prejudiced mind (perhaps not everyone, but in general, at least you don't feel discriminated)

25. How the people act when they're not satisfied with their government.

26. How they respect human rights they become so colourblind

27. How much they support the disabled people. i salute this so much!

28. How do they teach their child to have critical thinking from the early age

29. Seeing old couples walking side by side in town and at park, holding hands and enjoying the moment while they can. sobs, the sight was so pleasing :')

30. When drivers nicely stop the car and allow you to cross the road. try this at msia hahaha

31. When someone lends their hands to help with the heavy bags

32. When the door is held by someone even though you're still quite far behind. gentleman enough. n mostly handsome chaps! woot woot!!

33. Always brings a bottle that you can use it everytime you use the toilet, or the baby wipes.

37. Pray at random place as long as it's not in people's way. seriously i miss this :')

Thank you Allah for the chance to learn about life from a faraway land :)