Thursday, November 7, 2013

sweet little thing

ok since this is one of the most sweetest things someone did to me
i'm going to write it here
so here it goes:

i was a substitute teacher in smk megat dewa from 18 august - 25 october 2013
alhamdulillah i got the chance to teach the students from form 1-5
tbh, most of them were naughty hahaha
but i enjoyed teaching them and we got along so well
and those form 4 and 5 were the closest with me (some still text and call me every day ^__^ )
we have sooo many sweet memory together!!

sooo, starting yesterday, the form 5 students are sitting for their SPM
and today is english paper
of course i was so nervous!! now dah ok hahaha
what make me so happy and senyum sambil type ni is
there was a call around 1.30pm by a student of mine
he just finished his paper at 12.45 and called me just to inform about the exam
and, and, that he wrote an essay about me!!
isn't that sweet??? hihi
he wrote about how i change his life to be a better person bla bla
because the essay is something about "and now i am a better person"
hihi i'm not so baik la to change a person
and he is already a good boy pun! he is quite naughty, but in a good way
macam mana eh, nakal yang boleh make u laugh la
bukan nakal yang rasa nak marah tu..
anyway, the way he told me what he had written melts my heart laaa
he mentioned my name, hometown, my voice, things that i had done and how i usually talk to him
haih.. thanks for having high regard for me
i wish all the best darling!
may Allah ease everything for u in the future :')

eh lagi satu, spotted essay and poem masuk la
alhamdulillahhhhh :)

ok tu je
dah jadi cikgu ni
kalau student call cakap thank you pun dah boleh happy kan? :)