Saturday, December 22, 2012


i'm not a fan of justin bieber seriously
but i do hafal (unintentionally) some of his songs
u know what they say, u tend to memorise the songs u dont like kan?

and since balik dari kuantan 3 days ago
the 'as long as you love me' song got stuck in my head la
haih put the blame on aqila la ni hahaha
that girl siap karaoke this song beside me on the bed
pastu dia siap discuss the meaning behind the song la
pastu why in the MV bieber kena belasah bla bla
oh shes a true belieber i tell u!
siap ada magazines n everything bout JB

but this as long as u love me song quite catchy la
hahaha sedap pulak bila dengaq
demit! afini u listening to a playlist full of of bieber's songs now!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


ages huh?
feel like writing something tonight
its not that i forgot this little journal of mine
but things got ugly not too long ago
and now would be the time to start again
but i dont know, how frequent this would be
lets leave it to my mood

so, school holiday right
almost 2 months, and now in less than a month
i should go back to ipoh, again
how time flies..
before this, there were plenty of holiday plans planned
but Allah's plan. who knows kan?
the umrah and Turkey trip --> cancel. agent + visa probs.
miri trip --> cancel. intruder factor.
penang for family day --> cancel. apartment terbakar.
east coast --> cancel. flood factor.

and now, tired of planning and thinking about holidays anymore
too afraid to set the hope up again
so let it be la
insyaAllah, He knows best

be going to KL again tomorrow, insyaAllah
nothing exciting, just to do some shopping for the kenduri
and need to drive (please, no more summon, amiiinnnn)
this time, test new car, soon to be my car (perhaps!) hahaha

p/s: i had a terrible quarrel with baan tadi. so mad at him, i cried a lot. i tot that we are all grow up, i dont need to face it anymore. but, people dont easily change huh?

Friday, September 21, 2012

on the kenduri itself

some kat rumah pakngah, and some kat rumah pengantin perempuan

kenduri keman part 2

hah finally connection ok alhamdulilaaahhhhh 
ok ni sambung yang malam tu 

 fav of all. boleh print yang ni hahaha

 acara lepas akad. makan kambing golek. huh, sedap menangis ni.

yang ni esok pagi tu
hari kenduri, tapi time ni pakai baju biasa lagi
ni baru lepas breakfast :)

 teruna kesayangans

tapi kan, given the choice
i would opt for the solemnization ceremony kat masjid
make it grand, simple and sweet
macam bfifi ngan akma
seriously i want that kind of ambiance :')

nice kan? surrounding pun lawa :)

ok next. sambung bab kenduri.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

kenduri keman

these were last week kenduri
congrats to the couple, my cousin keman and his bride, azura (*sing azuuuuuuuuuraaaaaaaa*)

some of the photos from the night of akad nikah:

wah! siapa yang cantik berbaju maroon bertudung brown itu? wah wah wah mak pun posing nuh hehehe

the cameraman should get a close up of k.shila, mak, me n akma. we wore such nice and love outfits that night. lovely!

the bridegroom with the litte "pengapit". keman nampak cool je that night. tahniah, just once lafaz and done! *take note baan. u'll be next!the benchmark has been set up for u!*

budak comel yang kalut bekawat kat tempat pengantin. cushion ni pengantin pun tak rasmi lagi dia dah pi duduk, siap amik gambar lagi. haih anak sapa la ni..

disebabkan internet yang super duper lajuuuuuuuu
maka tak dapat la nak upload lagi
i'll try again tomorrow, insyaAllah
ada plenty nak upload nih!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


last day of puasa 6 fasting, insyaAllah
soooooo hungry i can eat an elephant :(

lets look at some photos of food

 breakfast with ayah. 

 bukak posa at johnny's

 octopus tako tao

 papa mia. my hainan chicken rice was delicious

 home-cooked lamb steak with baan. super dummy marvelous!

 curry mee at old town

kueyteaw tomyam at batu 6

oooooo lapaq lapaq lapaq
nak makan apa bukak posa ni hah..

Friday, September 7, 2012


bosan while waiting for the lecturer to come in
two different environments and situations
oh how i miss warwick so much
teringin nak grad sana wei next summer :'(
mudah-mudahan ada rezki dan kesempatan, insyaAllah..

 university of warwick, social sciences building. -wazap-me-yana-

maktab perguruan ipoh, blok tak tau nama apa -tantintunbuahperia-gadisgojes-

cant wait to go back next week :)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

cheesy..but true

it is not even a feeling, though feelings are involved in it
it is certainly not all happiness and light
it is not sex either.
love is a connection with another person,
either through birth or through something else that i cannot even explain
it is often just attraction at first
but it goes far deeper than that
it is a determination to care for the other person no matter what
and to allow oneself to be cared for in return
it is a commitment to make other happy and to be happy oneself
it is not possessive
but neither it is a victim
and it does not always bring happiness
often it brings a great deal of pain
especially when the beloved is suffering
and one feels impotent to comfort.

it is what life is all about.
it is openness and trust and vulnerability.

~MaryBalogh, 2009~

mimpi sampai nangis

pernah tak dalam mimpi tu sedih sangat, siap besungguh nangis
and when u woke up, memang basah je muka + pillow?
it happened to me last night
so saddddd la, and i still remember how the story goes
cinta terhalang wei
and the hero??? hahaha zain ruffedge tu
gila ah, he was my teenager crush tu
sebab apa? sebab muka dia cam tettttttt


dalam mimpi tu kan
we both cried dalam kereta
kat seat belakang, kat depan ada mak ngan ayah
kira cinta terhalang nih, and dia (hero / zain) macam kena hantar pi tempat lain
gila sedih ah
tapi dalam mimpi pun dia tetap la hensem *wink*
last scene dalam mimpi tu i waved him farewell
dia macam berdiri kat somewhere and waved back at me
and keta pun gerak la, sambil kami lambai sama2
pastu tekup muka sambil nangis teresak sebab tinggal dia sorang kat situ, sedih sedih..

then when i woke up around 4 something in the morning
serius basah muka ngan pillow tu :'(
memang rasa sedih, even till now

i wonder why i dreamt such a melancholic dream eh?
tak la sedih sangat pun time nak tidoq tu
petang tu je ada emo sikit hewhewhew
and why him? lalala~

ok. get back to real life. bye.

Monday, July 30, 2012

6 years

Al-fatihah to Allahyarham Azri bin Md Akib dan Allahyarham Adam Afiq bin Azri...

10 ramadhan 1433 now, and its been 6 years

Allahummag firlahum
wa'afihim wa'fu'anhum
waakrim nuzulahum
wawasiaq madkholahum
wagsilhum bilmaai wassalji wal barad
wanaq qihi minal qhotoya
kama yunaq qosaubul ab yadhu minad danas
amiiiinnn ya rabbal 'alamin.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

facing the new life (and reminiscing the old chapter) :)

almost a month since coming back
semua ok, get back to my roots hehehe
and dah almost 2 weeks kat ipoh
adjusting much
belajar bersyukur, qanaah, jgn nak banding2 ngan warwick
at least, this is my country kan?
i'm happy enough sbb dah dekat ngan all my kesayangans
tapi one more thing yang tak tecapai lagi is to jumpa afifi akib
so sad kan? :(
semua orang dah hugs n kisses, but him. the closest but far away now T___T

takpa2, tak lama dah nak raya kan? ^_____^
insyaAllah, we'll see nanti!

got many things to put here
tapi the connection sangat sedih la
tunggu balik jitra la, laju sikit insyaAllah :)

but, i miss u UK :)
we shall meet again one day. next year, perhaps? *wink*

anyway, lets share the thoughts today! oh UK...

1. You won't be charged for withdrawing money from any bank's ATM

2. The overload of cheap fast food restaurants (which are more likely to be unhealthy). You don't have to go Pizza Hut, KFC, Kenny Roger's etc to enjoy a good fast food

3. Pure biryani made by the real biryani expert. cheap also. delicious!

4. The noise made by the drunk neighbours who were busy partying without thinking of others who were trying to rest

5. Dogs at the park (dial-up, wireless, or broadband) which always become the best excuse for me not to have regular exercise at the park. but i did try though. hahaha

6. There won't be animals e.g. cows, goats, sheeps etc randomly crossing the road and putting drivers' lives in danger

7. Coffee shops which sell nice and good coffee <-- i miss amber cafe! i drank java chips kat starbucks tadi. but still...

8. Planning for backpacking every year <-- still got places need to cover there. i want to go to Bosnia laaaaa...

9. The changing of seasons!!! It just makes me aware how fast time flies :)

10. Always being alert with the significant change of prayer times

11. Walking in the snow, stepping on the fallen yellow leaves, enjoying the beauty of colourful flowers and letting the skin burnt in the summer heat <-- super awesome u know!!!

12. Walking slowly and awkwardly on ice during winter and occasionaly hit your bottom on that cold ice hahaha sakit ok!

13. Being called 'love', 'sweetheart', 'sugar' by the nice old people, n sometimes orang muda pun paggill jugak. ehemmm..

14. Shopping cheap stuff at Sports Direct, Poundland, charity shops

15. House-hunting, house-viewing and making all sorts of demands to the landlord. 13 westminster was the best i can ask for! oh i miss my luxury room there :(

16. Putting on my overcoat, jumper before going out

17. Boxing Day <-- the feeling of jadi orang kaya once a year hahaha

18. The courtesy and the politeness of the people

19. The excellent and reliable public transport

20. Cheap books!!! And seeing how much reading has become their culture

21. The cute babies and kiddies

22. The culture of encouraging, appreciating and respecting each other

23. Cheap cards and nice presents for all occasions! How they love to show their appreciation and make others happy..

24. Their open, critical and non-prejudiced mind (perhaps not everyone, but in general, at least you don't feel discriminated)

25. How the people act when they're not satisfied with their government.

26. How they respect human rights they become so colourblind

27. How much they support the disabled people. i salute this so much!

28. How do they teach their child to have critical thinking from the early age

29. Seeing old couples walking side by side in town and at park, holding hands and enjoying the moment while they can. sobs, the sight was so pleasing :')

30. When drivers nicely stop the car and allow you to cross the road. try this at msia hahaha

31. When someone lends their hands to help with the heavy bags

32. When the door is held by someone even though you're still quite far behind. gentleman enough. n mostly handsome chaps! woot woot!!

33. Always brings a bottle that you can use it everytime you use the toilet, or the baby wipes.

37. Pray at random place as long as it's not in people's way. seriously i miss this :')

Thank you Allah for the chance to learn about life from a faraway land :)

Friday, June 29, 2012


in less than 24 hours and i'll be away from this land
and coming back to my beloved country and family, insyaAllah

the mix feelings of excitement, sadness, longing, sorrow, happiness and lots of indescribable things going on in my heart and mind
3 years may not be very long to some people
but it does indeed pour tons of bitter sweet memories for me
and with almost-burst-out luggage behind me
my stomach started to turn a somersault (since this morning actually)

but one thing that i am sure of, nothing beats the feeling of seeing all my kesayangans waiting for me at the airport and i will hug them tightly, and kiss them a lot, a lot!!!

but most importantly, i will pray hard and i believe that all is well :)

Ya Allah, i pray that all will be well for us tomorrow
may this journey of coming back will always be in Your bless and protection
may this farewell is something good for everybody
may our heart and mind ease from any burden from this farewell
may this will not be the last chance for us to come to this land again
amiiinnnn ya rabbal 'alamiiin..

thanks Allah for everything :')

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Leaving ceremony for the 3rd Year Malaysian B.Ed. group

siang tadi ada majlis penyerahan sijil untuk students bachelor of education in TESL, kami la tu ^___^
semi-formal, and macam mini graduation la
tapi ni certificate of attendance ngan bagi group photo je
happy, but at the same time sangat sedih, seriously!

so sebab pagi ni (7.30am) nak pi london
so fini update yang tak official ni dulu
nanti dah dapat yang official semua baru upload lain
ni rush je upload ni sebab tadi busy baking
tu pun nanti eh, insyaAllah kalau sempat la :)

ni semua gambar from iphone je
mungkin lepas ni masing2 dah balik ipoh dah tak boleh nak get along macam ni
malaysia lain, kat uk lain
who knows kan :)

 tempat duduk pun dah reserved. sweet :')

ni lepas dah dapat folder. time salam kat depan tu kena tunggu official photo dari department la.

time ni la muka nak jerawat kaw2 punya! takpa2, redhoooo... 

oh btw, kebanyakan muka dalam ni adalah melekit beminyak sebab super sunny hari ni. nice.

with Tilly Harison

 with Pat and Maureen
(i look kediang disitu. urgh)

 with Seongsook Choi

 with Mukul Saxena. p/s: seriously his voice sangat best!!! dia nyanyi sambil main guitar hari tu, pergh!

my awesome lecturer / personal tutor, Peter Brown 

 with Andy Davidson and Peter Brown

 Tika. tak pernah nampak dia dalam blog kan sebelum ni? haha kali ni baru approved, so boleh masuk ;)



 Chip, Dean, Nuar

 Chip, Tika, Daus, Yana, Kayla, Anep, Dean, Haikal, Nuar, Kamal, Ag

Chip and Kamal
 ni boleh kata among best friends la. selalu lepak makan2 n gossip sekali. serius kuat gossip dua orang ni. hahaha

 Shoba, Chip, Kamal, Charlene
ni pun terbaik jugak nak buat benda merapu ni

Chip, Shoba, Daus, Kamal, Charlene 

 Shidi, Faiez, Yana, Shoba, Daus, Kamal, Charlene, Wazap, Ezi, Mek, Dell, Kayla, Chip, Dean

 Faiez. the tallest guy dalam class. serius tinggi gila. so panggil galah pun boleh! hahaha



 Dell, Kayla, Yana, Shoba, Mek, Charlene, Wazap, Mei Ling, Ezi, Ashley

 masuk dalam art centre pulak. kat sini la tempat tengok wayang dalam uni. murah! 

 us, the housemates :)

 sobs, sedih dah. lepas ni tunggu graduation next year, insyaAllah.

nanti dah keluar yang official mungkin better sikit pics :) 

p/s: fini pakai 3 inch heels ni. so nampak la tinggi sikit. hehe